Let’s enjoy the rain!

Let’s enjoy the rain!

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A Poem by
Mohit Mutneja
Senior Consultant

IT professional, Digital Media enthusiast, secretly a Poet and Nature lover

Let’s enjoy the Rain!

I pull aside my windowpane,
Just to notice the beautiful rain.

Nearby few poor kids splashes through the clogged streets,

They don’t have fear of soaking wet, their fancy shoes or luxury pleats.

Nothing can match the happiness of kids face,
Neither my high rise nor your corporate base.

Other fellows in traffic rush,
Are lost somewhere in remorse hush.

Life is meant to enjoy,
Not to endlessly compete nor to annoy.

Let’s enjoy again the blissful rain,
Forgetting about the numbers of loss or gain.

Why to worry and live life in hurry,
Take a pause and enjoy it buddy!

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