How to program your mind to avoid a Heart Attack?

How to program your mind to avoid a Heart Attack?

Reading Time: 12 minutes

I want the reader to take out extra 5 minutes for this article (besides the reading time displayed above) as I want you to perform an activity before you go ahead and start reading.

Just close your eyes. Place your right hand on your heart.

Do you feel your heart beat?

Forget everything and just focus on the heartbeat. Feel the pumping of the heart. Feel the flow of the blood, and how your impure blood goes into the heart to get purified.  

After the purification, the blood reaches to the different parts of your body. Feel how it reaches to every part of your body. Just visualize the blood flow from heart to different parts of your body, like a movie is playing in your mind.

Take a deep breath and the heartbeat feels little bit relaxed. You can feel the heartbeat by putting a finger on your wrist.

Visualize the importance of heart. Visualize how important it is as a vital part of human body.

Now actually close your eyes and try above activity. And then move to next line.

Open your eyes now to realize that you are alive as one of the important parts of your body is still active i.e. heart.

Now what if the ‘coronary artery’, which supplies oxygen rich blood to the heart, gets blocked all of a sudden. The blood flow to heart will be stopped and the fresh blood will not reach your lungs, hands, brain and other parts of the body. This is called a HEART ATTACK.

The blood flow that you just felt a while ago is not valid any more. No moving blood in your organs, no pumping felt by touching the chest, no beat felt if you put your finger on your wrist.

This is a very critical situation and can cost the life of the person experiencing it. I am not saying a heart attack can kill a person instantly but after surviving first attack even if it’s a mild one, chances of living a healthy life are very less. If the attack is mild then it can be treated by taking aspirin or using CPR technique as a first aid.

But my question is why it happened at the first place. What is the real cause of Heart Attack?

We know there are many factors which can be a cause for heart attack – age, genes, obesity, smoking, diabetes and stress. According to Google, Stress comes last in the list, but actually it’s the only factor from the list which is in our control. According to me, heart health depends directly on your brain stress levels. So it’s directly linked to brain health. So focussing on stress control can prevent us from other leading causes of heart attack like age, blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. So reducing stress can be a sure shot formula to treat heart disease.

According to a research, stress and anxiety might play a vital role in the development of coronary artery disease, and panic attacks can occur as a part of anxiety disorder. Research says, a long term on-going stress can increase the risk for hypertension, heart attack or stroke.

I have seen more deaths in my life due to heart attack than any other disease. And all the diseased had not even a single symptom of a cardio vascular disease. So it became a necessity for me to dig into the topic and find out what was common in these deaths? Why deaths because of a heart attack? I have done a lot of research on their personal lives on social and emotional front. I found out that all of them were not happy when they were alive, their minds were upset. And everyone knows stress and anxiety originates from our mind only. So technically, a bug in mind originated which got spread in whole body, and then caused malfunctioning of some part in body which became the cause of heart attack.

God has given us only one life and nobody wants it to end just by a HEART ATTACK!

After this research, I have collated some techniques which we can be used to program a human mind so that ‘stress’ one of the causes of heart attack can be avoided. We can’t challenge the god’s decision but we know we can avoid this particular cause of heart attack as it’s in our control. And if we lose something which is in our full control then it’s treated as our mistake only. And we or our families have to bear the after effects of the same. If we follow the principles below then stress levels can reduce by a good extent or can help a person to not to fall into state of depression, not in young age at-least.


Yes, you read that right. Don’t think always positive, think the negative side also. You should not make any important decision without seeing both sides of a coin.

Everyone says ‘Be Positive’, but this doesn’t mean to run away from the negative side. To be positive means selecting the positive side after examining all the pros and cons.

Facing the negative emotions will prepare you in advance. For example, thinking of you being injured in an accident can scare you immediately but if an accident actually happens in future, it will save you from a sudden shock. At this point, this accident is nothing new for your mind so it will not dive into a state of shock, but it will signal your body how to react in this situation. It will prepare you well in advance.

Visualization of the negative side is very important. It prepares you for any future discomfort or accident, well in advance, so that you can face it easily.


Often, a big regret of older men was not expressing themselves to their fullest. It could be anything you feel strongly about, but hesitate to bring up.

You can’t go back and ask for forgiveness, apologize, express gratitude, or even get information from somebody who has died. The duration for which you are with that person to which you want to express something, is the only opportunity for you to express yourself.

Don’t wait. Say what’s on your mind now while the person is still around.

According to a research, people who suppress their feelings suffer more in life than the one who is the most expressive. Actually here not only your mind is suffering, but your whole body including your soul. These suppressed emotions are not actually dead; they live inside you throughout your life and become the reason for most of your stress. Suppressing emotions have direct effect on heart or can cause other health issues.

Express your emotions in front of the person you love…

Keep your idea in front of your team or family, without thinking if it’s a valid one or not… If you are annoyed by someone, vent out your rage…


I have seen people settling for less than what they expected.

Is it because of lack of resources? Is it because lack of experience?

It’s probably your inability to fulfill your own expectations which make you settle for less.

Settling for less sometimes can relieve you but don’t make it a habit. A habit becomes a part of your nature. And settling for less as a nature will not let you accomplish your goals.

There is a golden rule, which I also use many times. It says, always set two levels in your mind before completing a work – Expectation level and satisfaction level.

Expectation level is the actual goal set or being given by someone to you which makes your work complete. The way to reach the expectation might not be a straight way; it can have many twist and turns. It may involve hard work, sleepless nights and stress.

Though actual satisfaction is achieved when expectations are met but there can be a satisfaction level that can be a sub-goal or a lower stage that comes before expectation level, which makes you feel happy and satisfied in spite of the expectations being not met. It’s the level that can make you feel closer to your expected goal and that too without any stress or load.

If the expectation level is set too high then you must try to reach the satisfaction level first so that you can feel less stressed and more motivated towards your work. Do not adjust below your satisfaction levels. Expectation level should be met to mark the work as completed. This can take time, but if you have met your satisfaction goal earlier, then you have won the race. Mock this to your mind so that you always feel less stressed, less lazy, less tired and more motivated towards your work.


Sounds childish? Yes it is. That’s why it’s in this list.

Talking to yourself is often thought of as something only children or crazy people do, but research shows that engaging in a little self-conversation as an adult isn’t only completely normal – it can be a stress reliever. It makes your brain work more efficiently.

Smartest people on earth talk to themselves. The greatest thinkers in this world used to talk to themselves. Look at the people in big professions. Poets, script-writers, movie directors all are nothing without self-conversation.

I also talk to myself, not only when I am alone or idle but when I am at work. It’s the weirdest thing I have done till now, but believe me it works. Thinking out loud about anything I know, helps me to clarify my thoughts and convert them into useful actions. It helps me to vent out all the feelings – positive as well as negative. It gives me a kind of a self-feedback which is very helpful in my self-development.

Talking to yourself helps to achieve your goals. Making a list of goals and setting out to achieve them can be quite hard to do. But talking yourself through those goals is a much steadier way to achieve them.

Take time to talk to yourself every day. You can talk to yourself about the milestone you have achieved till now. Talk about what extra you are giving to your work. Talk about what makes you happy in life, what makes your heart happy.


Do you wish you could turn down sometimes and say NO?

Do you wish you could deny doing something for someone, but due to some reason you can’t say NO.? Many of us feel compelled to agree to every request and would rather bear the consequences than refusing to help, even if it affects your personal life.

What’s the point of doing something you don’t like? Why do we say yes if we feel no for it. It could be that we believe that saying no is rude, selfish and can hurt the sentiments of the second person. On top of this may be a fear of being disliked, criticised or risking a relationship or friendship.

I didn’t mean to say no to an opportunity which comes to you. An opportunity is a chance for you, which decides your future. In other words it’s not a reality yet and you don’t know how it will actually affect you just by saying a yes or a no. Saying no means to avoid a commitment or refuse to a reality that can affect your life in some or the other way. This decision may be based on your past experiences.

The ability to say no is closely linked to self-esteem and self-confidence. It means that we don’t feel nervous about antagonizing others and rate ourselves more than the others’ needs.

Being unable to say no can cause serious issues in long term. It can make you exhausted, stressed and irritated. And that’s something which is not good for your heart. A spare time being taken from you by someone can make you feel stressed and this sometimes even affects the work that you accepted happily. So learn to say no when u don’t like something. Likewise u say yes when you are interested. Think of it as a way to being true to yourself. Never feel guilty for saying no to someone even in your family. Don’t suffocate your life by doing something you don’t like.


A grudge is a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.

There may be a bad day for you, or you feel insulted by someone or you might be ignored in a group of people. If you want to respond, bounce back, but don’t hold this grudge for a long time.

Instead of taking an insult as personal, you can take it as learning. There are two ways to deal with a grudge. One is to vent out the feelings, fight and close the matter on the spot. Second one, which most of us do is to hold this grudge for a long time. Don’t make your heart heavy, don’t look at the suffering you have currently, think about the suffering you will get if you hold this grudge for a long time.

What are you really trying to achieve by holding a grudge? Our grudge is an attempt to get the comfort and compassion we didn’t get in the past. We are trying to get the empathy for what happened to us in past and bought suffering.

If you are holding a grudge, you are putting aside your wisdom and actually indulging into something which is foolish and will give nothing in return, not even make you feel better or heal your hurt. It’s like holding a bag full of toxic waste that keeps us stuck in anger.

The path to freedom from a grudge is not so much through forgiveness of the person who is the reason behind this grudge, but rather through loving our own self. We need to move our focus off the one who wronged us, off from our suffering. We need to move our attention inside, into our heart and remove the pain which can cause harm to us.


Never be biased, always react neutrally to every challenge. Behave as if nothing could break you, no one can hurt you. Behave as if you don’t care whatever the outcome is.

In a race, don’t think about winning or losing, just do your best, if you gonna win, you will win. Believe in law of karma, if you are doing good for others, the same shall come to you but may be you have to wait for it.

In a conversation don’t be an optimist or a pessimist, be neutral instead. Being neutral in every situation, signals your mind that whatever comes to you is okay for you. There are many benefits of being neutral – it prevents you from any heartbreak if the outcome doesn’t met your expectations; it is also a right approach while making a decision as you are not biased.

Being neutral every time doesn’t mean you should not aim for big, or you should not set a very high goal. Always think high, but react neutral. Now practically this is very difficult, as you can’t switch to neutral mode immediately say if you are rejected in an interview in your dream company, for which you were preparing since one month. Obviously it will hurt, but don’t pass this message to your heart, as if you are keeping this rejection a secret from yourself. Take a rejection as a god’s action and behave neutral like nothing happened. This is a golden rule to absorb biggest agonies in life.


Overthinking is a state of mind where you focus on the problem repeatedly, instead of thinking about the solution. Never go deep into any thought, rather pull yourself away from this so called disease.

Make yourself aware that overthinking can lead to negative consequences. It can affect you mentally as well as physically.

Past is a collection of events that are already done in present and future is just a collection of those events in present that have not been created yet. So focus on now, focus on what you have today.

My last post described everything about how to stop overthinking. You can read it here.


There can be two types of fears – One that stops you from doing what you want to do; and the one that make you do what you don’t want to do. Both fears are dangerous and eat your power quickly.

According to a research, fear not only effects mentally but physically too. In many cases it’s observed that the reason for a malfunctioning of a body organ is due to fear. Another research says that it can affect kidneys the most.

It is human nature to avoid emotions that scare us. But avoiding these emotions when they enter your mind is like running away from the problem. Just let them enter your mind, and face it. Facing it at the beginning will give you discomfort for some time, but at the same time it will make you stronger, stronger than you are now, so as you can fight from this fear when these emotions actually become reality.

Always remember, fear doesn’t solve issues it just makes you weak. Don’t fear from anyone but from God. The time you believe that no one can defeat you except the almighty, your fear will go away. Meditation is one of the best ways to remove fear from your life. It’s rightly said “Attachment causes detachment”. So try to attach yourself with the almighty to detach fear from your life.


This last method is my wild idea to avoid any stress in life.

I have read somewhere that the great Leonardo Da Vinci used to make lists of things that he observed, learned and explored. He also used to write what he wants to learn in future. It is only because of these notes that we were able to know about his intelligence and expertise in those fields he had interest. Those sheet of papers which he wrote, are still an inspiration for all ages even after 500 years.

There must be a place where you should save all your achievements, blessings, gifts and accomplishments. So that you can retrieve any of them and enjoy the same feelings anytime and anywhere you want.

Start recording life events in video..

Start capturing pictures of best moments of your life,

Start writing about the events that touched your heart

When a student, learn something by writing, it creates a long lasting impression on his mind as compared to learning by just reading. Similarly logging all these life activities will make you a viewer of those events that you liked the most and it will create long lasting impression on mind. And if you keep doing it throughout your life, it will carve these moments on your mind, which is not easy to erase, just like carving something on a rock. This will turn out as a medicine when you are most stressed in your life. It has the magic power to heal all your stress, depression and discomfort.

If you feel uninterested, you can start writing things thinking it as a backup of knowledge you have. Think like this note can be used in future to remember you when you are not alive.

I always try to serve my readers with more useful content on motivation, life myths and technology tips and tricks. Hope you find this post useful. Type your comments below to show how much you like the post. You may also ask a question in comments below.

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Keep reading and admiring.

Alok Kundnani

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