How to make a decision?

How to make a decision?

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Mike needs to choose a subject in his first semester which shall become his niche in future and can fetch a job for him. He finally goes with the option which his friends have chosen.

Divya’s father was admitted to hospital on just a stomach ache. Doctors said he needs to be operated immediately. Being the only person in the family to take decisions, she had to decide whether to obey the doctor or waste some time and take second opinion.

John got an attractive offer from a topmost company in UK, at the same time he was selected in another company with slightly lower salary package in his hometown Bulgaria. Now he must choose between money and his family. A critical decision for him.

Individual can get stuck in any of the above situation. Quick decision become a necessity. Whether big or small, choosing right option is difficult.

You always go with the option which looks most attractive or gives instant benefit, doesn’t matter if in future it comes out to be a wrong choice. In such cases, the only thing you can do is regretting your decision. You don’t know which choice is the right one, which will solve your problem permanently and beneficial in long term.

It’s not your heart that loves a choice and you go with it, it’s your subconscious mind that sends signals to your conscious mind. It’s the data present in your subconscious mind that will be transferred to your conscious mind while taking decisions. We need to train our subconscious mind to take the right decisions at right time for us. Making a right decision is not completely dependent on the mental health of a person. It can depend on several other reasons that are not related to the person’s present condition. Making decisions is not a natural quality in a human, it’s something that is created by self and grows with time, experience and teachings. Below are the factors which effect the decision taking capability of a person and if mastered then can help you make right decisions. Making decisions can be an art, only if you know these theories and master them.

Know your belief system

There is a huge difference in what you believe and your belief system. Your belief system is like a set of beliefs that you have about what is right and wrong and that can encourage you or can stop you from doing something. Knowing your belief system is the key. For example, you don’t take an eatable from a stranger, just because of your belief system that he or she can be a threat to you. For any life threatening disease, one chooses allopathy over homeopathy only because of belief system.

Belief system plays an important role in taking important decisions in your life. There is a need to set a good system inside your sub-conscious mind which could help you take right decisions for you. Suppose your friend has a very good belief system which always reflect in his actions. It will directly affect his ability to take decisions fast and doing everything in life being confident.

What you believe is always told by your belief system. It’s about training your subconscious mind so that it could give right signals to your conscious mind. Consequently you will build your knowledge by adding your true beliefs in your belief system.

Set your belief system

There are lot of ways to set your belief system. First you need to know that belief system is being set by 3 factors. Inherited, Influential, and personal (like dumbness, not responding to good teachings and stubbornness).

  1. Inherited – This type of belief system is set by our ancestors or parents. This type of belief system is hard to change at later age. These set of beliefs directly affect the decision taking capability of a person. Every decision a person take is majorly dependent on inherited belief system.
  2. Influential – This is the belief system which is Influenced by external factors like your friends, teachers, role models and motivational speakers. This system may or may not affect the decision taking capability of an individual. If you are in a good fellowship, a good belief system will be created and if you are in a bad fellowship there are chances where you can take a decision based on these person’s mindset and their thinking which can or cannot be fruitful in long term.
  3. Personal – This is the belief system which is set by yourself. It’s the personal experience of the person which sets this type of system. If you have more experience in a field, then you might be quick and right in taking every decision related to that field. That’s why there are consultants in industry which have this belief system. There can be other personal factors like stubbornness, dumbness and not responding to teachings which can set a negative personal belief system. This negative system which is then formed in the person, will make every choice look wrong to them, and the person might become dependent on others to take decisions.

Accept the failure

One of the ways you can make a quick decision is accepting the worst scenario. In Mike’s story above, suppose if he has a quality of accepting failure then he might not be affected by the subject he chooses. Despite knowing he could fail, he always sees he bright side of the subject he has chosen. If bravery and no fear from downfall is there in a person’s nature, it will make you feel the worst scenario if any, related to the choice at an earlier stage, while making your decision. If a decision has a choice which u know may lead you to failure. Accept it. Accept the worse condition. This will increase your capability of making right and quick decisions in life.

Draft a Plan.

Pick a pen and paper. List down all the choices. Write advantages and disadvantages of each decision on paper. In John’s case above, he must make a difficult choice between money and his family. He can list down the advantages and disadvantages of earning more money living away from family and same for living with his beloved family but earning little less. This will draft a blueprint inside our sub conscious mind that shows what will happen if you choose a choice. This method is very effective when you are taking a big decision and have some time to think about.

Know your contribution

Sometimes it’s essential to recall the efforts and the contributions you have done related to a choice while making decision. Suppose you have put your 100% effort and time in learning a skill or an art and now you have to make a choice between your skill and a hot skill in market to fetch a job in market. Your skill can also fetch you a job if you are a pro at it. Always list down your contributions to that choice (if part of a decision). This will tell you what effort you have done till now if u choose this decision and go with it. This will make your inclination towards your choice sharper.

Last but not the least, staying positive will always affect your belief system and hence your decision. So always stay positive no matter whatever the situation is. Staying negative will give nothing but regret, frustration, dissatisfaction and create uncertainty in a person’s mind.

So, these are the factors that govern your decision taking capability and help to take a right decision at the right time. There can be many more which may or may not be directly or indirectly linked to a person’s capability. So what’s your way of choosing the right option while making a decision?

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