How to develop self belief ?

How to develop self belief ?

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How to develop self belief

  • Taking initiatives.

You want to try something new but afraid? You want to learn something but not sure of its after-value? You want to buy something but not sure it will worth it? Answer of all these questions is –Take initiative. Yes taking an initiative is the key. Most people never succeed in their lives because they are afraid of taking initiatives. Taking initiative and then tasting failure is always better than not taking an initiative at all. The secret behind this concept is the fact that you defeat 80 % people in your competition, right away. Taking initiatives always build self-confidence and self-belief, irrespective of the age, the profession you are working in and the area you belong to.

  • Know what really matters to you

Another important aspect is realizing what really matters to you in your life. There are popular words of a saint “Self-realization before god realization”, which means one need to understand own self first before understanding god and his actions. Don’t go after crowd, just be you. Deep dive into yourself and ask what work that you can do anytime. Ask these questions to yourself – What has been your greatest accomplishment? What is the one thing you are good at? What will you do if you get all time and money you want? Self-realization will make a blueprint in your mind of what you want to achieve and that will develop self belief.

  • The art of receiving feedback

Feedback should be one of the major step of your success ladder. Irrespective of the field you are working in you must take the feedback from your immediate senior regularly. If you are in business, take feedback from the end user, if you are in service industry take feedback from your clients, if you are in job take feedback from your boss. Always take this feedback, whether positive or negative, as your key to improvement. Taking feedback regularly will check your moving direction make you move one step ahead towards your goal.

  • Removing negativity.

You always do what you think, and you think what you see and feel. So remove negativity from your life and add positive emotions, positive actions and positive people in your life. Remove all people who spread negativity in your life, don’t afraid even if they are your best friends. Removing negative vibes always build self-belief.

  • Small targets, steady progress

Think big but move small. Break your big goals into smaller ones that are achievable. You may or may not achieve your big goal, but achieving the smaller goal will surely boost your confidence and build your self-belief. Don’t stress much on yourself to achieve the bigger goal, just target on your small goals.

  • Invest in yourself.

Never say no to learn something new. Investment in real estate, mutual funds and fixed deposits are risky, not due to the market ups and downs but due to their non-human nature. These things may vanish one day or may have its value down some day but if you invest in yourself, learn a new skill-set, you are making more money actually. And that’s purely non risky, because if you are not making money out of it then you are adding it to your experience. And experience always give returns some day in life be it in form of money, happiness or love.

  • List down all the positives in your life

Just thinking positive will not do, your actions should also be positive. And always keep a record of your positive actions. This will instantly cut down your negative feelings. When you are making a decision, just list down all your positive actions you did related to the decision you are going to take. This will give more clarity to your mind.

  • Learn to say ‘yes’

This statement can be read as ‘learn to say yes to opportunities’. Always say yes to new possibilities that come your way.Nobody knows how this is going to affect your career and yourself. Never say no to any opportunity under any circumstances. Opportunities can’t see your personal problems.  

  • Believe that you are already there

Don’t demoralize yourself at any point in achieving your dream. Don’t accept defeat. It doesn’t matter how far your destination is, always believe that you are already there. You want to live, live it today. You want to achieve, achieve it today. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. –Walt Disney.

  • Gain more and more knowledge

Knowledge is one thing that make you stand above the crowd. If you have knowledge in a field then you can excel in that field quickly as compared to people who are still a novice. Always gain more and more knowledge that will make you expert and hence build your self-belief. Read books,watch motivational videos and meet with people who can influence you.

So these are some of the points that you must take care of to develop self-belief. Developing self-belief is not a difficult task once you master yourself. If you feel anything’s needed to be added to this list then you can mention your views in comments below.

My two favorite quotes from this topic :

If you give up on your dreams, then what’s left !!  -Jim Carrey

Never ask god why me, always ask try me.

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