How to book cheap airline tickets online?

How to book cheap airline tickets online?

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In this post I am going to tell you 15 ways to book your air tickets online while saving a lot of bucks. Generally, people don’t bother to book tickets online due to lack of knowledge or trust only agents when it comes to air tickets. trust me this post will change the way you book your air tickets online. Here you fly :

  • Plan your travel in advance

Always plan your travel in advance. Best time to book air tickets is 2-3 months in advance. If the destination and dates are finalized you should not delay in booking your air tickets. Gone are the days when a trip is planned on the spot. We are living in an era where you may lose a flight seat online, faster than the time a water tank takes to fill itself.

  • Take out some time for booking tickets

Booking air tickets seems easy but booking cheaper air tickets might be time consuming. You may have to open many browsers in mobile, or operate desktop and mobile at same time. All these tasks take time. So make yourself free for at least 30 minutes to book your tickets online.

  • Keep your search secret

Being offline, I don’t know if you could keep a secret for a long time, but online it’s recommended to use cache free mode to book your airline tickets. As airline ticket prices are more dynamic these days and may change in a fraction of a second, it’s advisable to use incognito mode (Shortcut keys – Ctrl + Shift + N) if Google chrome browser is used. Or directly press Ctrl + Shift + Del to clear the browser cache in any browser. The reason behind clearing the cache before browsing is simple. Airline companies’ price algorithms use browser cache to track the user’s actions and behavior and save them to create the prices to be shown to the user on user interface.

  • Use coupon codes

As a part of their marketing campaigns, many airline companies launch some coupon codes which can be found on their brand sites or on coupon sites for example groupon. Sometimes some coupon codes may not be visible or auto-applied while checkout while booking tickets online. So it’s better to search for the coupon codes in advance from coupon sites before you start your booking.

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  • Use universal sites for booking flight tickets

If you search on Google you may get a big list of sites where you can book your air tickets. It might be confusing which one to use, as every site provides a good user interface with attractive offers. But I recommend booking from universal sites which scan nearly all popular air ticket booking sites and fetch the cheapest rates for their customers. My favorite is Skyscanner..

  • Book from desktop sites instead of mobile app

Double check the prices once on websites before booking flight from the app. If you open the app and repeat your search, it will save the data and may show you greater price every time you search. If there is no special sale running in app, only book your tickets from a browser. If desktop not available, you can choose a browser in your mobile also and explore the prices. I have once booked cheaper ticket on desktop site even there was a promotional discount running for app users.

  • Try to book from your savings

If you have a saving account, pay always through net-banking. Try not to use credit card for air tickets. Even debit card nowadays have a minimal surcharge while booking air tickets. So go for net-banking option, it will save the surcharge.

  • Book a connecting flight, it might be cheaper

Sometimes direct flight may cost you more than a connecting flight. If time taken to reach your destination is not a big concern, then you can go for a connecting flight. While initiating your search on home page of the site, search for ‘show connecting flights’ checkbox or option. This will show you connecting fights which are most of the times cheaper than the direct flight. The connecting flights can also be used as an option when you are booking your tickets on a short notice. This option also does the trick while booking international air tickets as these are costlier than domestic tickets and connecting flight in international journey can save lot of bucks.

  • Check for any festive sale first

The cheap airlines most of the times run their marketing campaigns in festive season, and they make most common domestic routes cheaper for their customers. So, before hitting the airlines site or app, check for any sale or promotional discount on google. There may be some discounted airlines’ sale. For example AirAsia airlines run its sale many times a year, you can check here for any current sale AirAsia.

  • Check for any cashback

Check with your bank credit card or debit card if there is a cashback on booking. You can check on the booking site homepage for the offers. There are many cashback offers when you book through cards, and even some sites offer cashback on booking of more than one ticket. If there is any cashback offer and you want to book more than 1 ticket, you can book the tickets separately, second one using the cashback earned from first one.

  • Choose a specific day and time for booking

Here comes the best and most useful trick. Not everyone knows, air ticket prices come down on Mondays and Tuesdays and then rise again on rest of the weekdays. Try not to book your tickets on weekends unless urgently required. So plan your booking day in advance. Not only day, time also plays an important role in your booking. In most of the cases, and according to my study, air ticket prices come down at afternoon and again rise at morning and evening. If ticket not urgently required, you can keep an eye on the prices at every part of the day.

  • Check for any frequent flyer offers

If you are a frequent flyer, you can opt for a privilege card or a registration with the airlines, so that the next time you book with the same airlines, you may get a good discount as a loyalty bonus. Many premium airlines offer this loyalty feature for its privileged customers.

  • Find cheapest place to book your tickets to

You always have an option to book your ticket to a place which is nearby to your destination. Try to choose a nearby airport while booking, may be nearby airport have less fare. This trick might be very useful when you are booking an international flight. For example, for a Europe holiday instead of choosing a big city airport, ticket to a small city airport might be very cheap. Then you also might have to consider the ways to reach the big city from the small airport.   

  • Buy tickets in bulk

Sometimes, there is a slight difference in flight search results on flight booking sites when you search for a single seat as compared to when you search for family. So, say if you are booking for 4 people, you might have to check prices for booking for family first rather than booking separate tickets in group of two.

  • Currency also matters

In case of booking international flights, you should check the ticket prices in the destination currency also. Sometimes, in a sale or a promotional period those prices might be cheaper. But while booking the tickets in other currency, remember to use a credit card that is free of foreign transaction fees, otherwise you will not save money.

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So these were the thoroughly researched tips and tricks for booking flight tickets online. I always try to serve my readers with more useful content. Hope you find this post useful. Type your comments below to show how much you like the post. You may also ask a question in comments below.

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