How to become a good parent?

How to become a good parent?

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“Poot ke paav paalne me hi dikh jaate hai”

Meaning – a kid’s capability can be seen in the cradle itself or early childhood.

Yes that’s true even today. But there is a lot of hard work and parent’s sacrifice involved in turning this capability into reality.

A parent has to nurture this seed and turn this into a tree. They have to feed and take care of the child just like nurturing the plant.

Now feeding doesn’t mean to feed fruits and vegetables or water to the child. Apart from the food they have to feed good habits, discipline, values and a lot of other things that make them capable.

Parenting is not about raising a child only physically, it’s more. It’s the process of how you support the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child. It’s about how you make the child mentally strong and, capable for what was seen in the cradle.

Parenting is not an easy job. You can’t rely on a single mode to learn about parenting. It’s the only art which if learned more and more it will give real benefits to a human being.

Parenting is not easy, but still it can be learned with proper guidance and past experiences of other parents. So don’t think you are a good parent even if you know everything about parenting.  

Really good parents expect their children to be noisy, messy, whingy and covered in mud. So being relaxed is the first lesson of parenting.

You have to give your children love. But there are few other things you have to give them too – discipline, self-discipline, values, the ability to form good relationships, a healthy lifestyle, a range of interests, a decent education, a broad mind, the ability to think for themselves, an understanding of value of money, skills to be assertive and ability to learn.

Just because a particular approach works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Don’t follow every piece of advice you get.

How hard can it be to give your kids a smile, and may be a hug. It’s only a small thing, but makes a huge difference to your kids. They just want to know that you are happy to see them.

Your children deserve respect because they are human. Never break promises to them, never lie to them and never swear in front of them if you don’t want them to copy you.

Children have to be allowed to learn their own lessons, make their own mistakes and find out the hard way. No risks no learn. You are the one who has to calculate the risk, of course.

Keep your worries to yourself. Give them confidence to go ahead. Make them feel that everything is fine.

See things from their point of view.

Let them get on with it – they’re got to learn to plan their own lives. And that means learning the consequences of making wrong decisions too.

It would be very boring if your kids were just like you, so find qualities in your children to admire in them.

Your children are going to blame you for something, because that’s how it works. If you were perfect, they’d have every reason to blame you for that. You can’t win. You can only hope that eventually, especially if they become parents themselves, they’ll come to see that actually they should be grateful to you for not being perfect.

The major parenting tips in this blog post that you just read above are taken from the international bestseller book named “THE RULES OF PARENTING”, by Richard Templar.

Believe me it’s a true gift for you as a parent and good teaching lessons to learn for your growing child.

This book is divided into 10 parts. Each part contains a set of golden rules to be followed in daily life of a parent. The book covers the rules of parenting for children of all ages.

These 10 parts contain rules based on staying sane, attitude, everyday life, discipline, personality, sibling, school life, teenage life, if a crisis happens and when child has grown up.

I strongly recommend reading this book for budding parents and to-be parents also.

The positive point of this book is, the rules listed are practical. You can copy these rules from this book and implement in daily routine.

This is a must have rule-book for all the parents. You can read one rule per day if you are a working professional. Or you can choose to read it at night as it’s so positive and full of love which would not interfere in your sleep.

If not read it yet, read it now. I have shared link below to buy it from trusted source, Amazon. Click the link below and get your copy now.

Or click here : The Rules of Parenting

Other useful parenting books to read:

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