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About Us

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Welcome to theScriptMaker, a blog dedicated to your success. There is always a moment in one’s life where life makes a turn. There are ups and downs and you need a lot of courage and knowledge to fight and face the problems. We will help you to show the right path for success by sharing the required knowledge needed through the success stories, motivational stories and transformation steps.

We are the storytellers, myth busters and believe in showing the real, positive and right content. We are open to the world and can write for other bloggers as well. Feel free to contact us for a fabulous script.

About the author

I am Alok Kundnani, 30, a simple, optimistic kind of person working as a full time motivational blogger. I started writing stories and poems when I was in class IV. I used to write my stuff in diaries then and shared my content with people through art of storytelling. I came into the online world through my free blog in 2011, and now started my own personal blog, theScriptMaker.

I am working as a Software Engineer in a reputed MNC. I believe, a pen can do everything that anything else can’t do. Reading is a best way to influence anybody’s mind and soul. I emerged as an influencer and want to conquer everyone’s heart through my piece of writings.

I love writing compositions that can make a person dive into imagination. No one believe in imagination, magic and miracles but I do believe. These compositions are original and an attempt to change everyone’s way of thinking, the way of looking at things and situations.

I will constantly write about my real life experiences and challenges successful people face in their lives, so that a novice can also get benefit out of it. I pledge that I will work towards your success by sharing information through this blog so that you can create your new life script.

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